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SFA Ring Savings FAQs
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Ring Savings Plan info

Do I have to participate in the ring savings program?

No, you are not required to participate in the ring savings program. This is an optional way for you and/or your parents to accumulate savings for the purchase of your ring.


Who is eligible to participate in the Ring Savings Program?

Any SFA undergraduate, admitted student whether a Freshman or transfer student and anyone with dual credit hours. Graduate students or anyone who has already opted into the program before but later opted out are not eligible. Any student who opted to skip two or more payments or did not pay more than one semester without choosing to skip are not eligible to re-enroll at any time. 


How often will money be added to my ring savings account?

Once you sign up for the ring savings program and choose a contribution amount, money will be added to your account once a semester in the fall and spring if you are actively enrolled in that semester. We do not add to your account in the summer or Maymester.  


How can I sign up for the Ring Savings Program?

Log into your mySFA account by clicking here.

Go to the Billing tab and scroll down to the Savings Program section. Follow the prompts to sign up and start saving today!


Can I add extra money to my ring savings account?

Yes, you can add extra money to your account at any time. If you received money for your birthday or a bonus at work, you can add to your ring savings account anytime by visiting the SFA Business Office in person.


Can I start saving after my first semester at SFA?

Yes, you will be given the opportunity to participate during registration for fall and spring semesters you are actively enrolled.


Can I enroll in the ring savings program after the semester has already started?

Yes, you can enroll anytime however changes made after the first class day will not be applied until the following semester (fall or spring only).


Can I participate in the ring savings program if I don’t purchase an official SFA ring?

The ring savings program is only for purchase of the official SFA ring through the SFA Alumni Association and Balfour.


If I’m transferring to SFA, can I enroll in the ring savings program?

Yes, you are able to enroll in the ring savings program at the beginning of each fall and spring semester during registration for semesters you are actively enrolled.

If I am transferring to another school, can I take the funds from my ring savings program with me?

In the event you leave SFA, all funds in your ring savings program will be applied towards any outstanding balance you may have on your account. If there are any remaining funds, you will be issued a refund for that amount. For more information, contact the SFA Business Office at 936-468-6906 or email businessoffice@sfasu.edu


Can I transfer my ring savings program money to another school?

No, you will not be able to transfer any money to another ring savings program.


How many hours must I complete before I can order my ring?

A student must have completed at least 60 hours to qualify to purchase their ring.


Can I purchase my ring as soon as I have completed 60 hours?

You can purchase a ring as soon as you complete 60 semester credit hours. If your graduation year or major changes after your receive your ring, Balfour will make the change for you at no additional cost.


If I enroll in the ring savings program will I be able to save enough to pay the full purchase price.

The ring savings program is meant to help you start saving now for your ring so the expense does not occur all at once; however, it may not pay for your ring in full. Depending upon your ring selection and the price of gold at the time of purchase, we cannot guarantee the cost of your ring will be the same when you purchase your ring from when you actually started saving for it.

How will I get the saved money when I’m ready to order my ring?

Once you are ready to order your ring visit the SFA Alumni office on campus or www.thesfaring.com. Any money you have accumulated through the ring savings program will reflect on your order and you will only be responsible for the remaining balance. The Alumni Association office is located just north of the Baker Pattillo Student Center, and they will have record of your ring savings account and will be able to size you for your ring. 


What if I change my mind on participating in the ring savings program?

If you do not wish to participate in the ring savings program any longer, you will need to opt out by clicking on the opt out link on the ring savings program home page. Please note you will only have one opportunity to opt out and will not be able to re-enroll at a later date.


What happens to any overage money from my ring savings account once I have purchased my ring?

 The Business Office will determine if there are any outstanding charges remaining on your account. After all balances have been satisfied, a reimbursement payment will be made.


How much is a class ring?

Since the price of gold changes continuously, ring prices change continuously as well. Visit www.thesfaring.com for an estimate of the ring price when signing up for the ring savings program.


Will there be other payment options once I choose to purchase my ring?

The ring company, Balfour, offers a three equal installments payment option at the time of your ring order. This plan is interest free and is paid by a deposit due at the time the ring is ordered by check or credit card. The second installment is due by credit card 30 days after the initial deposit and the third/final installment is due 60 days after the initial deposit.


Where do I go to purchase my class ring?

To purchase your ring visit www.thesfaring.com or go to the SFA Alumni Association office located just north of the Baker Pattillo Student Center.


Where do I go with questions on my bill about the ring savings program?

Please contact the SFA Business office by email or call (936) 468-6960 with questions regarding your bill for the ring savings program.

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